an original story by:
Gabriel Horn

Action / Adventure

Manny Sanchez, a former skateboarding champ who suddenly dropped out of sight at the height of his fame, has been training three young prodigies in Mexico City, with an eye toward world premiering them at an X Games event up in San Diego. Along with Checho, their adopted black pit bull mascot, the group heads up to Tijuana, where they can qualify for the trip to America if they place in the tournament.

However, while competing in Tijuana, Checho is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel that specializes in running heroin by forcing dogs to ingest it and then taking them across the border. Suddenly, to Manny and the kids, the championship is secondary in importance to getting their friend back safely. And when they learn one of the other skateboarders is related to the number two man at the cartel, the tournament becomes the backdrop for a deadly contest to find and rescue Checho.

Option / Development